how to clean blender motor?

Well, cleaning the motor of your blender is an easy task. First, you need to unplug the blender from any power source and make sure you have a soft brush to clean away all of the dirt.

You can use an air vacuum with the brush attachment to remove all the embedded dirt. Also, you need to wipe down the exterior portion of the motor with a damp cloth and air dry it completely to prevent moisture buildup in.  

Assessing the Need for Cleaning:

Before you get to the process of cleaning, you will need to assess the motor of your blender to see if it really needs cleaning. If you see any sort of dirt and debris accumulate on it, the motor of your blender needs a cleaning process.

Gathering Necessary Supplies:

There are some accessories that you are going to need for the cleaning process of your blender’s motor. Compressed air duster or vacuum cleaner with brush attachment, a toothbrush, or a soft-bristled brush  A clean and damp towel. Mild dish soap and warm water.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning:

  • Unplug the blender: Remove the blender from its power source to avoid any electrical accidents in the kitchen.  
  • Disassemble the blender: Start removing all the detachable parts of your blender like blender jar and lid to get access to the motor assembly. Then you need to detach the motor from the blender for starting its cleaning process.
  • Remove loose debris: The motor of your blender would be containing a lot of loose debris and dirt on it. So, you will need to remove them using a soft-bristled brush. 
  • Use compressed air or vacuum: Besides having loose debris, the motor would contain some stubborn dirt residue that won’t be removed using the brush. You will need a vacuum with a brush attachment for their removal. 
  • Wipe down exterior: The outside of your blender needs to be cleaned by dampening a clean cloth with mild dish soap and warm water solution to remove the accumulated dirt. But make sure that you don’t allow water to get inside the motor housing; otherwise, it will get damaged.  
  • Allow to dry:  Once you wipe with a  damp cloth, give it some time to air dry to make sure that  every part of the blender is completely dry to avoid moisture buildup. 
  • Reassemble and test: Once the cleaning process is done, you need to reassemble all the parts of the blender and run a test to make sure that the motor is functioning properly.

Additional Tips for Maintenance:

In order to maintain the good health of your blender motor, you need to follow some tips:

  • Clean Regularly: From time to time, it is good for you to clean your motor so that no dirt or dust residue can build upon it.  
  • Handle with care: While cleaning the blender motor, make sure that you don’t use any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners as they will damage the motor housing. 
  • Store properly: Keep your blender always in a dry place that is clean and away from any exposure to moisture to prevent the mold growth.


The motor of your blender is an integral part as it allows your blender to operate effectively. That’s why it becomes important for it to stay clean and healthy all the time.  So, by following these simple guidelines,  it is easy for you to clean the motor of your blender.

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