Can you grind coffee beans in a ninja blender?

 Of course, it is possible to grind coffee beans in the Ninja blender, but the results may not please you. However, the ninja blender is equipped with very powerful blades, so getting a consistent size after grinding can be a hard thing. 

To have better results, you can try to grind the coffee in small quantities at a time and make sure you’re paying close attention to the process.

If you want the best coffee you have ever had, try to get a coffee grinder that is specifically meant for grinding coffee beans, as it will help you ground the coffee beans in a desired consistency.

Understanding Coffee Bean Grinding:

It is very important for you to know every step  that you need to take when you are grinding coffee beans. If you want to get the right size grind, it is important for you  to get  the right tool so that the results will please you, even if you are making different types of coffee.

Assessing the Ninja Blender:

One of the most common features in the Ninja Blender is its powerful blades and it is  suitable to use for different types of blending tasks. However, if you want to grind coffee beans, this might not be the perfect choice because it does not give you a smooth outcome.

Grinding Coffee Beans in a Ninja Blender:

While this can be possible, there are things that you need to consider. The blades of a ninja blender can have problems with getting a smooth and consistent result, and this is going to result in an uneven and unpleasant taste of your coffee beans.

Tips for Grinding Coffee Beans in a Ninja Blender:

  • Place small chunks of coffee beans into the blender to avoid getting it overfilled.  
  • You can try pulsing the blender at short time intervals to avoid overheating.  And this will be good for getting a consistent grind of your coffee beans.  
  • Try stirring and shaking the coffee beans in between the processes to get the coffee beans evenly ground.
  • Make sure to keep your eyes on the whole process to avoid overgrinding your coffee beans. 

Alternative Grinding Methods:

If you do not have a Ninja Blender or you want to try something else for grinding the coffee beans, there are other grinders that you can use for the same reason which includes blade grinders, bay grinders and manual grinders.  and believe me these blenders can do a better job than the Ninja Blender.

Creative Uses for Ground Coffee:

If you have ground coffee with you, there are a lot of things that you can do with it.  Use it while it’s still fresh in the cup of coffee to make a flavorful coffee using your preferred method. 

You can even put the coffee beans in some desserts, marinades or even spice rubs so you can add a unique flavor of coffee into your meals.  


It is possible to make coffee in a Ninja blender. But the results will not truly please you and that is why there are other options that you might want to try out so that you get a consistent and the desired result.

If you want the best result in coffee grinding, then I would suggest you look for a device that is specifically meant to grind coffee, like a blade or bay grinder.

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