how to grind flaxseed in a blender?

The first thing you need is to take the right amount of flaxseeds. You need to grind and toast them so that the flavor becomes even better.  Put those toasted flax seeds in the blender, but make sure you do not overload it.

I would advise you to initially start at a low speed and gradually increase the speed with time so that the flax seeds are ground in a fine way.

Always monitor the process so there is consistency throughout the process in order to avoid over-grinding.  After the process, store your ground flax seeds  in an airtight container so that it remains fresh for long. 

Understanding Flaxseed:

These are seeds which are highly fortified with omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, and lignans which makes them one of the most valuable additions to the diet. As these flax seeds contain hard outer shells, it becomes important to grind them for easy digestion.

Choosing the Right Blender:

You need to have the correct type of blender for this process.  If you have a high-powered blender, that is going to be better. Because such kind of blender will make you have a smoother and more consistent  blending process throughout  

Preparing the Flaxseed:

It is essential for you to take some necessary steps before starting the process.  Get the desired amount of flaxseeds you need to grind.

  If you can, start by incorporating small amounts of flax seeds to make sure that you do not put too much in the blender at the same time. If you do so, this will hinder the functionality of your blender because it will be overloaded.

Grinding Process:

The desired amount of flaxseeds you have will have to be added to the blender to start the grinding process. Keep in mind that you put the flaxseeds not more than halfway full in order to allow enough space for your blender’s blades to move.

Place the lid tightly throughout the process so that the flax seeds do not splatter during the process. As always,  start at a lower speed, then gradually increase it over time.  

Monitoring Consistency:

You have to be very careful and alert throughout the process so that the flax seeds will get ground in a finer form.  Occasionally, you will have to stop the blender to check the consistency.

Also, you can use a spoon or spatula to scrape down the stray pieces. Then again, you can continue the grinding process until your flaxseeds reach the desired fineness.

Avoiding Over-Processing:

Blending your flaxseeds for a long time will produce a lot of heat which will eventually hinder the nutritional value of your flaxseeds. You should be aiming for a fine powdery texture. Once you attain it, stop the blender. don’t expose the flax seeds to too much heat as it will impose bitterness in the seeds.

Storing Ground Flaxseed:

Once grinding is done, get yourself a dry, airtight container to store your flaxseeds. This will allow them to stay fresh for a longer period of time while maintaining their freshness and nutritional components. Also, place the airtight container in a cool and dry place to prevent them from getting into 

Incorporating Ground Flaxseed into Your Diet:

 There are a lot of dishes that can have flaxseed as one of their ingredients. You can stir it in yogurt or smoothies so that you get a very fast and useful  intake of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.

Also it can be used  in place of eggs, especially if you are baking something. Besides this, you can put it in salad and soups for an enhanced flavor and texture.  


This is a simple process of grinding flax seeds using a blender. But there are other things that you need to follow so that you might be pleased with the result. Make sure to store it in an airtight container, and be sure to add it to your diet to get amazing health benefits from it.

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