How to Make Cold Coffee Without a Blender?

Did you know you can blend cold coffee without a blender?  Yes, you might be thinking like, how is that possible?  Because we all love  blended coffee.  But don’t worry,  you can still make an awesome cold coffee with just basic kitchen stuff.

Whether you are dying for a cold coffee to drink on a hot day or just need a quick caffeine boost. Here’s how you can  cook up some cold coffee without a blender.

Using a Mason Jar or Shaker Bottle

First things first.  Gather up all your ingredients.  Things like your coffee, obviously water, milk or cream, and any sweetener, sugar, or flavors you want to add.  Instant coffee or cold brew concentrations are good choices if you want my advice. Once you get everything together,  it’s time to mix it all up.  Add your coffee, your water, and your chosen sweeteners into a bottle or jar and close it tightly.

Make sure the lid is tightly closed to avoid any accidental spills.  Now, for the fun part, it is shaking it up.  Give that jar or bottle a good shake for about 30  or a minimum of 50 seconds until everything is mixed. Let me tell you that this step is super important because it helps dissolve the coffee and get all the  flavors mixed together.  After you have given it  a nice shake, remove the lid and pour  in some milk or cream. 

Put back the lid and make sure it’s secured tightly and shake it again to mix  everything together.  Once it’s all nicely mixed,  you can now enjoy your cold coffee. Place it in a glass, cup or coffee mug.  Add a few ice cubes to cool it down just to give it that extra refreshing touch. 

Using a French Press

If you happen to have a French press,  you can still make  or make up some cold coffee without needing a blender also. Here’s what you need to do.  First of all, we get our ingredients together.  Your coffee nuts, cold water, and extra flavors you want to add.  

  • Mix it up:  Put the coffee nuts and cold water into your French press  and stir it to make sure  all the nuts get soaked up.  
  • Let it steep:  Pop the plunger on top of the French press,  but don’t push it down just yet.  Place the whole thing  into the fridge  and allow the coffee to steep for 12 to 24 hours approximately.  
  • Press and enjoy:  When it’s time up, slowly push down the plunger to separate your nuts from the coffee. Place your coffee in a glass with ice, and enjoy it. 

Tips for Perfect Cold Coffee

Don’t be afraid to try out different flavors like vanilla, chocolate,  or flavored syrups to give your cold coffee that personal need or touch. Also, don’t forget  to balance the amount  of sweeteners in milk or cream to match your taste buds  because  too much can ruin your experience. 

Since everyone’s different, play around with the recipes until they’re perfect for you.  If you want a bolder coffee taste, like for all my coffee lovers out there, add more coffee nuts or cold brew concentration. Actually, what I love about making coffee at home is you make it the exact way you like it with just the right ingredients and flavor. 


Even if you don’t have a blender,  preparing a cold coffee is easy  and something anyone can do in their own kitchen with just  simple kitchen tools like a shaker bottle.  

You can make a cool drink just the way you want it.  Whether it’s a hot sunny day or you just need a little energy boost, homemade cold coffee is just around the corner, a few steps away,  right in your kitchen.  Try out different ingredients and flavors to find your own special preference.

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