how to grind sugar without a blender?

This can easily be done by using the traditional methods or making use of other kitchen tools available.

You can get a pestle and mortar for crushing the sugar particles gently in circular motion until you get the right texture that you want. On the other hand, you can also make use of a clean coffee grinder until it is fine ground.

Another option, you can get a plastic bag, put sugar inside and start crushing it using a rolling pin until it becomes smooth powder. Now, let me explain all of these techniques in detail to you.

Understanding Sugar Grinding:

A lot of recipes that we have in the kitchen have sugar as one of their ingredients.  You can be making candies, baking cakes or even just wanting to add some sweetness to your drink, you will definitely need sugar.

But for all of this, you will need a smooth and powdered form of sugar as it will be able to blend easily with your desired dishes, thus enhancing their overall flavors in a perfect manner.  

Manual Methods for Grinding Sugar:

If you do not have a blender, there are other methods that you can use for grinding sugar. One of them is to make the use of a mortar  and pestle which is one of the most traditional ways of making sugar or even grinding spices.

Also, a coffee grinder can be another good option for grinding sugar which gives you just the same consistent results. 

Using a Mortar and Pestle:

To make the use of a mortar and pestle, you need to put sugar in small chunks into the mortar and use the pestle to crush the sugar.

But, you need to ensure that during the grinding process you apply a gentle force while moving the pestle in a circular direction. Continue doing this until you reach the  desired consistency of fine powdered sugar.  

Repurposing a Coffee Grinder:

A coffee grinder also becomes one good alternative for grinding sugar. You have to clean  the coffee  grinder smoothly so that if there are any traces of coffee left, they have to be removed.

Then add the required amount of sugar that you want into the coffee grinder and give the grinder short bursts to get the required finely powdered sugar.

Alternative Tools for Grinding Sugar:

In the event that you do not have mortars or coffee grinders,  there are other tools that can be used for the same reason. Get a firm plastic bag, put sugar inside it, and start crushing it with a rolling pin.  By doing this, it will simply be turned into a powdered form in a short span of time.

Tips for Effective Sugar Grinding:

Following are the things that you need to know before you embark on this process of grinding sugar:  

  • If you have sugar with big granules, then begin the grinding process with that because it is easier to grind than coarser varieties. 
  • If you have a large quantity of sugar to grind, then I would advise you to divide it into smaller chunks so that the results can be more consistent.
  • After you are done, make sure you store your ground sugar in an airtight container so that there is no moisture buildup in it.  

Creative Uses for Ground Sugar:

Ground sugar has a lot of uses. They  can be used to add sweetness to your drinks, like coffee or tea. Moreover, you can use them as a flavor enhancement in your salads.It is also used to make Delicious desserts like icing or whipped cream. 


It is very much possible for you to grind sugar without a blender, considering you have the right skills.

If you have a mortar and pestle, a coffee grinder, or any other alternative tool, just follow these simple steps and make sure you do everything according to the guidelines mentioned above.  And that’s it. You can enjoy having the sugar in its finest powdered form without a blender.

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