How to use Philips hand blender hr1351 c?

Philips hand blender hr1351 is one of the most popular hand blenders. But if you don’t use it properly, then it might affect its longevity and health. That’s why today I’ll be telling you a proper methodology that will help you use your Philips hand blender to its ultimate perfection.

For that, all you need to do is assemble all its components, connect the blending shaft to the motor unit, connect its power cord to the power supply, and switch ON the blender.

Then, dip it into the food ingredients that you need to blend by adjusting its speed to get the desired consistency. Once done, just plug off the blender and wash its blending shaft with warm soapy water. So, you can see how easy it is. Now, let me explain this process in a bit more detail.

Understanding the Components:

To start, you must familiarize yourself with the different parts of the Philips hand blender HR1351C as it contains numerous parts like the motor unit,  the detachable blending shaft, the blender beaker, and more. Understanding each component will give the perfect idea about using it.

Preparing Ingredients for Blending:

I know you’re in a rush to blend quickly, but before, make sure You have all your ingredients together. Firstly, you will need to make sure that your chosen ingredients are fresh and of appropriate size.

For smoother blending, chop your fruits or veggies into smaller pieces. Also, if you are blending liquids, use the blending beaker, which comes with the blender itself.

Common Mistakes on How to Use Philips Hand Blender hr1351 c

Keep in mind the following tips when using your Philips Hand Blender:  

  • Overloading the Blender: Don’t overload the blending beaker, as this can cause stress on the motor and end up messing up the blending process. 
  • Using Excessive Force: Let the blender do its work. Don’t force it or push it too hard. It could damage the motor or even break the blender beaker itself.  
  • Neglecting to Secure Attachments: Always make sure attachments are securely attached before you start blending, as loose ones can cause accidents.  
  • Ignoring Cleaning Instructions: While cleaning your hand blender, make sure that you Properly follow the instructions to keep it hygienic and in good shape. This will definitely increase the longevity of your hand blender.
  • Submerging the motor unit: Always make sure that you don’t completely submerge your hand blender’s motor in the water, as it can cause a lot of damage.
  • Using the Blender for Non-Food Purposes: Blenders are not meant for blending hot liquids or any kind of hard stuff. Such food components can damage the motor of your hand blender. So, make sure that you do not keep such food components under your blender.

Using the Blender Effectively:

First of all, let’s assemble all the components of your Philips hand blender together. Make sure that you attach the blending shaft with the motor unit properly.

Once you have done this, plug the power cord and switch on your blender  with the help of the control buttons. Now, place your ingredients and start blending. 

You can adjust the speed slowly and gradually as it helps get the perfect texture you want.  And please, try out all the speeds as you never know what will work best.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips:

  • Make sure the blender is disconnected after its every use.  This will help your blender stay in good condition. 
  • Clean your blender container with warm and soapy water. 
  • Keep the motor unit and the control buttons away from water. 
  • Use a damp cloth.  
  • Make sure no component is wet before you put it back together again.  
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions provided to get the perfect guidance for cleaning and maintenance.


With the steps listed above, you are now ready to use your Philips Hand Blender  HR1351C. This guide will help you use your Philips hand blender to its ultimate perfection.

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